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Our Philosophy

Meeting Needs.

Yoga is a combination of several disciplines and people come to it for many different reasons. Yoga can be as simple as a way to 'get fit', tone the body or to relieve the stresses that everyday life places on us. We all have stresses from work, home, families - children or parents. Perhaps events such as exams, moving house, divorce. They all create toxins in our body and mind. Yoga is a way to help relieve yourself of those things. It can also be a beautiful way to bring your child into the world. Yoga can also be the basis for a philosophy, a way of living that chimes in a 'green' way to a healthier way of life. There are practitioners from all walks of life, all creeds, and almost every type of person you could imagine. Whatever your philosophy, or your status in life, you are welcome to come and try a class and see the results both mentally and physically.

YogaMindSpace has been running yoga classes in Hitchin Hertfordshire for around 20 years, and ClubYoga in Hitchin for almost five years. Our main teacher; Sarah, began Yoga in North Herts in 1997. She knows from years of experience how yoga can benefit everyone, and that often its a matter of finding the right style of yoga, and right teacher for you. Her inspirational style is focused on safety, the correct alignment of your body, and to ensure the benefit you reap will help you to be the best you can be. The alignments feed a flowing set of sequences that are linked to breathing, to achieve focus, peace and a connection with your body and your mind. All our Yoga classes include posture work (asana), breathing practices (pranayama) and relaxation or some meditation. Almost all our teachers have at some point been students of Sarah's and are British Wheel of Yoga or Yoga Alliance trained, this adds diversity and a different experience of style to class for everyone. You can try Yoga in Hitchin for free. Just email us from this site.

Yoga in the community

Our lives are a connected community of individuals. Society has moved from a centuries old 'close community' model to a more dispersed network of friends and family both online and in the physical world. The changes in society, and in our ways of working, have created stresses of change within us all. Many of us are worried about our future in a way that we carry it around in everything we do - creating a world of anxiety and tension.

We believe that Yoga in Hitchin community can both help relieve the anxiety and tensions we all face on a daily basis, by making us physically fitter and by helping to balance our thoughts, giving us space in our mind. This combination ultimately stops us 'knee jerking' in our reactions and allows a considered realistic approach to situations we encounter in our lives.

We also provide classes to the 'dissafected' youth that society has missed. Their responses are often nothing short of amazing when they realise who and what they could be - often for the first time in their lives. We have provided classes to businesses who understand that the best way for them to remain productive is to enhance their greatest assets; the people that make the company. We provide classes to people of all walks of life and from all backgrounds. We have seen the affect Yoga has on individuals - we want to combine this to have an affect on the communities they live in. Roots go deep, and we want to make sure they stay strong.

Thats about as preachy as we get. Come and find out what youre made of.

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Yoga classes that are all about your needs in life.

We have people of all ages and levels of fitness across our classes. Its all about meeting your individual needs not crunching you into a box.

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