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Yoga Christmas fun!

Merry Christmas to you all

Hi everybody, I wanted to wish each of you a very "Happy Christmas" or "Holiday Period" depending on your preference ☺
We all have our dreams… and I hope your dreams and hopes for the festive season come true.

These days, we are all at the whims of the consumer period and the kinds of stress and anxieties it brings. So I thought the best thing I could do is to give you all some tibetan breath and then exclusive space and sparkle – just for you ☺

Although it's sometimes difficult – especially at this time of year – I try to keep yoga in my thoughts, words and actions, to exercise forgiveness and compassion, and keep a joyful heart. It doesn’t always work – so in those periods where I find it hard I take a few minutes and do a little practice.

Another practice is my 'rise, shine and sparkle' – which isn’t just for first thing in the morning, but can be used at anytime of the day – whenever you need it.

Thank you ALL for your gift of allowing me to share this with you.

Have a great festive period and remember – its supposed to be fun!

Namaste and love to you all and your lovely families. ☺