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Preparing for Birth!

Antenatal Yoga

Bringing life into this world is a wonderful and precious thing. Your body changes on a daily basis and often the hardest part is keeping up with how you are transforming - understanding it physically and mentally. Everything that happens to YOU affects your BABY. How you treat yourself and your body affects your baby too. Antenatal Yoga in Hitchin with YogaMindSpace is all about preparing you for the mental and physical changes that you will encounter. Preparing you for the birth you want, and preparing your baby for its very first encounter with the outside world.

Your Body - Your Baby

Ante Natal Yoga classes in Hitchin or Letchworth with YogaMindSpace are all about preparing your body and your baby for that most important event. Remember it’s a scary thing for baby being removed from mums tummy. However, stress not, you will meet others mums to be, some on their second or third baby, and lots who have been attending antenatal yoga with us many times over. The atmosphere is friendly, sometimes funny, but always about baby and you.

Many mums to be have developed lasting friendships through the antenatal classes, and of course those who aren’t first time mums are always happy to pass on advice and experiences. The gentle yoga and atmosphere of inclusion helps relive any anxiety, stresses or fears the first time mum may have and provides a firm basis for preparing you… and bump… mentally and physically for birth.

The class is predominantly gentle movements that provide a connection between you and your baby [or babies!] and breathing exercises that help you to focus on your body and your baby. We help you to develop probably the strongest relationship you will ever have.

Mondays 7.15-9.30pm

Tracey Luggeri is a Level 1 Yoga Birth Teacher and runs classes at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, booking via The Letchworth Centre.

Class also includes tea and chats with other mums to be! :)

What to bring:

What to expect:

Yoga classes that are all about your needs in life.

We have people of all ages and levels of fitness across our classes. Its all about meeting your individual needs not crunching you into a box.

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