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Being The Best You Can Be

Fitness Yoga

Yoga is a physical science that has been practiced for thousands of years. Many of its ancient theories, observations and principles about the body and mind connection, are proven by modern medicine. Extensive research has looked at yoga's benefits to the body and mind - from the yoga postures (Asanas), yoga breathing (Pranayama), and meditation. The effects of yoga - physiological, psychological, and biochemical benefits, have been found to build change at a cellular level, alongside the more obvious muscle and bone. A balanced yoga workout is perfect for your mind, body and spirit, stamina, and overall well being.

Maximising Your Effectiveness and Reducing Injury

As you will have heard, many international and world class athletes from all sporting arena are using yoga as a perfect cross-training regime. It has a proven track record to reduce injury, build stamina of body and mind, and help high achievers to reach further. Modern high level competitive sports, need the mind training techniques that are part of yoga and often make all the difference when competing to be your best.

What to bring:

What to expect:

Yoga classes that are all about your needs in life.

We have people of all ages and levels of fitness across our classes. Its all about meeting your individual needs not crunching you into a box.

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