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Teen Club Yoga

Teen Yoga in Hitchin Hertfordshire is exclusively for people aged between 16 and 19 years of age. It is currently being offered to students attending local schools in the Hitchin and Letchworth area. All Teen Yoga classes are run in conjunction with key school personnel and some are run by the schools themselves. Teaching is provided by a certified and qualified yoga teacher appropriate to gender. The classes aim to teach life management skills to those who are about to sit exams or who are in the middle of revision. Specifically it aims to teach how to cope with stress, how to remain calm under pressure and how to calm the mind to get the best from it as often as needed. Run by local Yoga Elder Sarah O'Connor, her teaching style is a sequence of flowing postures linked with the breath to develop strength of body and mind. Sarah is a British Wheel Qualified Yoga teacher with 18 years teaching experience.

Why Teen Yoga? Why Yoga for Teeneagers?

Adolescence is a vital time for the development of physical and mental health, especially a healthy attitude to coping with stress during revision and examination time. Several types of school-based stress management, wellness and fitness courses have been developed with the goal of encouraging resilience, healthy coping strategies and decision making for teens.

One of the rising approaches is Yoga, which using a combination of strength and flexibility, exercise with relaxation, and meditation/mindfulness techniques, is having a huge impact around the western world. Studies have shown benefits of yoga positively impacting a wide range of mental and physical health problems, including and most especially relevant is a growing body of evidence showing positive effects in teens.

There have been numerous scientific studies with Yoga and students of all ages, lifestyles, genders! and of course physical and mental stages. One of the more profound studies conducted by Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, was a study on the impact of Yoga on junior and senior high school students. Half of the students attended a non intensive 10 week Yoga course while the second half attended standard exercise classes. The Yoga classes included physical yoga postures, breathing and relaxation exercises.

At the start of the course the students took a series of psychological tests which included analysis of anger, expression, anxiety, resilience, mindfulness and mood. The researchers repeated the psych tests at the conclusion of the course and found that the teens who attended the Yoga course had an improved scoring on most areas and reported much fewer negative thoughts or emotions and an improved ability to cope with stress. This contrasted with the control group who showed no improvement or a slight negative scoring.

A further study published in the Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research, showed when investigators examined the benefits of a Yoga program on adolescent mental health and performance, that the intervention significantly improved resilience, fatigue/inertia, anger control and positively impacted scoring.

The physical benefits of Teen Yoga

Teenagers are coming to the end of a cycle of growth in which every single day they are physically and mentally different. They experience new things almost hourly, and its no surprise that adults don't understand the late teenager. The person that left in the morning isn't the same one that returned! Teenagers are working out who they are, they're working out where they fit in the world, they are trying to become people in their own bodies and minds. They kick against the established norms simply because they're testing the strength of those norms. Teens are also placed under some quite extreme pressure to perform, recite information, and evaluate problems under exam conditions. They know [really - no matter how much they try to disprove this] that these exams will influence everything they do from this time onward. Schools teach information. Many are not yet at the stage of teaching examination techniques and very few teach pressure, anxiety and stress management techniques alongside physical management.

The physical benefits of Teen Yoga are many :

The mental benefits :

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