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Teen Yoga Teacher Training

The yoga of the teenage path.

The TeenYoga course will train you to teach yoga and mindfulness to young people. It has been constructed with the help of specialist adolescent Neuroscientists, Anatomists, Psychologists and Yoga Teachers. It is now taught in several continents across the world. Approx. 2-3 students on each course are funded either by their council, school, NHS dept or Sportivate, Sportivate may also fund you to deliver sessions after you have graduated.

Why Teen Yoga? Teen Yoga in Hitchin

The majority of specialist nurses say mental health care for young people isn't good enough. According to a survey of 631 workers in children and adolescent services, 43% said things were getting worse. Only 13% thought services for young people were good. Understaffing and delays are seen as some of the main problems. The poll was carried out by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) for the Guardian newspaper. Mental health care nurses say they're worried that the rationing of access to care and shortage of beds are so bad that young people risk harming, or even killing themselves.
BBC News article 5-10-2016 - Young people's mental health care

Yoga provides training of mind and body to bring emotional balance. We argue that children and young people need such tools to listen inward to their bodies, feelings, and ideas. Yoga may assist them in developing in sound ways, to strengthen themselves, and be contributing social beings. First, we address how children and young people in today’s world face numerous expectations and constant stimulation through the Internet and other media and communication technologies. One reason why children experience stress and mental health challenges is that globalization exposes the youth all over the world to various new demands, standards, and options. There is also increased pressure to succeed in school, partly due to increased competition but also a diverse range of options available for young people in contemporary times than in the past. Our argument also partially rests on the fact that modern society offers plenty of distractions and unwelcome attractions, especially linked to new media technologies. The dominant presence of multimedia devices and the time spent on them by children are clear indicators of the shift in lifestyles and priorities of our new generation.

Teen Yoga Training in Hertfordshire

Teen Yoga training - ending the day.

The Teen Yoga Course

Teen Yoga Training in Hitchin

Letting the sun shine out with teen yoga!

This course is unique, as the only fully fledged, Yoga Alliance and IYN accredited and insured teen yoga course in the UK working together with Leeds University Psychology Dept, to measure outcomes of the mindfulness and yoga on young people added to the actual experiential research to help support and structure the training course.

The course comes with a detailed and comprehensive manual, with plenty of practical lesson plans and ideas for you to use. In this manual you will find a detailed list of the benefits of yoga and a list of suitable postures for this particular age group, targeting specific issues. There is a special section on behaviour management.

Teen Yoga in Hitchin

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